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Chocolate Frog

A Harry Potter RPG

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Hullo, and welcome to Chocolate Frog, a Post OotP Hogwarts RPG.
The game is moderated by gredisgreat and riddling_ginny, who would like to remind you that anything you see/read here is strictly (or mostly) fanon.

The OOC community is over at chocfrogs_ooc.
The Mods' Journal is at chocfrog_mod

To apply, please refer to the application form on our website.

[-- About --]

The game takes place after OotP, during Harry P's 6th year, so naturally, some characters have left the school.

Fred and George have returned at the request of Professor McGonagall, not as students, but as Gryffindor Quidditch coaches. Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes is still operating down at 93 Diagon Alley (drop by and get your very own Portable Swamp!), so no worries there. Also, Bill has been called in from Romania to work as the new DADA professor, and Charlie, to help Hagrid along with the Magical Creatures. This is, in part a plan of the Weasley Parents and Dumbledore to ensure that the Weasley children are kept as safe as possible, and to allow Bill and Charlie to keep an eye on them (and Harry). That, and Hogwarts suffers from a slight lack of manpower; and in Charlie's case, someone needs to ensure that Hagrid doesn't start teaching First Years to raise manticores.

Students and staff of Hogwarts have been communicating through the use of some new fangled, magically interlinked journals, which they have discovered to be frightfully fun and interesting.

[-- Synopsis --]

With the re-emergence of Voldemort, the students at Hogwarts are struggling to come to grips with the reality of the danger that faces them and many of the teachers are steeling themselves for what is to come. Apprehension hovers thick and palpable over the school as an uneasy calm settles in. Harry Potter, on the other hand, is simply struggling to live life as a normal wizard-in-training even as he comes to grips with his fate and tries to cope with tests, exams, relationships and the death of a loved one. What Harry should have realized, really, is that in the Wizarding World, there is no normal.

[-- Characters --]

We only list the characters that are taken; for a list of other possible characters, please visit The Harry Potter Lexicon.
When choosing your characters, bear in mind that this RPG takes place after OotP, so characters who have already left the school by this time are not applicable. Also, adults, ranging from Kingsley Shacklebolt to Aunt Petunia, aswell as House Ghosts are closed characters for the moment (not available). Only students and professors, please.


Dumbledore and Voldemort are closed characters; because they are the central characters that altogether have much too much influence for anyone to RP.

Taken Characters

Harry Potter - seeharryangst
Hermione Granger - dot_your_i_s
Ron Weasley - butter_mellow // Temporarily Munned By a Mod. MUN NEEDED.
Ginny Weasley - riddling_ginny
Fred Weasleygredisgreat
George Weasleyforgeisfab
Severus Snape - snapedragon
Sybill Trelawney - odd_tea_leaves
Draco Malfoy - seedracoastound
Luna Lovegood - radish_earrings
Dean Thomas - deliciousdean
Pansy Parkinson - pansy_in_bloom
Hannah Abbott - hannahsavannah
Winky - winkyluvleather
Seamus Finnigan - irish_fan
Neville Longbottom - MUN NEEDED
Pomona Sprout - makethingsgrow
Blaise Zabini - moiblaise

[-- Rules --]

1. Respect your fellow players. This cannot be emphasized enough. Hate the character; not the player.

2. Players must provide an AOL/AIM screenname for group chats and the like.

3. Type in complete, proper sentences with appropriate punctuation and good grammar, please, even when RP-ing via chat-rooms. Nobody wants to go through several paragraphs of “n harry n ron wen 2 t3h, care of magical creatures cl455 n sat. dwn n begn theyre readng….”

4. Slash/Het/Bestiality/Whatever is allowed, as long as it is believable.

5. The same applies to the characters. We’re not asking you to write in manner of a Pulitzer Prize winner, but do try to make your character(s) as realistic and three-dimensional as possible. It is one thing to have an original take on a character, and another to make Hermione suddenly become a bimbo, or have Harry do no wrong.

6. When you are on an extended leave of absence for some reason, please notify the moderators, who are understanding people and thus will not bite your head off.

7. Interact with the other players, and post at least once a week. Or the mods will exact punishment for your character. Which might not be pleasant sometimes.

8. User icons. Players can use either the characters as they are protrayed in the movies , or they can use other actors. The mods are not too fussed about using well known actors or obscure actors in the user icons, as long as they are reasonable depictions of the characters (read: No Lucy Liu as Padma Patil.) Either way, like all HP RPGs, Players must have icons that portray their character; for uhh...you know, better visualisation. And shtuff.

9. Swearing is permitted as long as it is in-character, and not present in overly copious amounts.

10. Decapitation, disembowelment and other forms of physical derogation towards a fellow RP character can only be done with the player's consent.

11. Players are free to RP in either chat-based style or message-board/comments style. All entries/chats posted on the main RP journal that are R or NC-17 must have a warning on the cut-tag. And nothing too explicit or erm... odd, please.

12. Players may apply for either 1 major canon character and 1 minor, or 2 minor characters.


14. Have fun.